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WordPress SEO Plugins

Search engines are the main source of traffic for all kinds of websites. Hence, it is important to use SEO plugins that help you take care of various SEO needs. There are several kinds of plugins available on the internet that can help improve the traffic on your WordPress site. Below is a discussion on the best SEO plugins that you can use to improve your SEO as provided by Los Angeles SEO.

WordPress SEO by Yoast

This is one of the most frequently downloaded WordPress plugins. It provides an all-round solution for your SEO requirements. It allows you to include SEO title, meta keywords, and meta description to your website. Besides, you can include a custom title for the main site, category, archives, and tag pages. Further options like Twitter Cards, Open Graph metadata, ping search engines, and Sitemaps are included.


SEMRush is a tool which is used by SEO professionals to get insights and analytics from the competitors to improve their SEO. It provides options to learn relevant organic keywords, tells you the places to get the backlinks from, and gives you a good insight into the advertising strategies of your competitors. It is a paid subscription that is used by several professionals in the world. Note that it can give you a considerable amount of data.

Google Keyword Planner

It is widely known that Google has the biggest database and insights into what people are searching for worldwide. You can now access the keyword ideas provided by Google itself by using the Google Keyword Planner tool. This is provided to Google’s advertisers free of cost. Its main aim is to provide keywords to the advertisers that they can use on their campaigns. There are more pieces of information available such as difficulty level, number of results, and search volume. This data is valuable if you are looking to beat all other websites in your niche.

Keyword Tool is counted among one of the top keyword research tools available. It allows you to generate keyword ideas by providing a keyword. The keyword suggestions are taken from the auto-suggest feature of Google itself. This is a valuable piece of information as it is based on the pattern of searches on Google. Hence, the top results provided are frequently researched terms.

The above Plugins will undoubtedly help you improve your SEO rankings as they help you with various SEO functions.

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