What If You Are Injured When on a Bus?

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Nobody anticipates getting injured on a bus as he or she climbs aboard to reach their workplace or go for a trip. Bus accidents occur more frequently than it should in the state of California, and individuals get injured. The company owning the bus can often be held legally responsible for the injuries suffered in an accident. In the event one has been injured in it, there are important matters they should know regarding filing a personal injury claim.

In the case you are hurt on a public bus, different rules apply. Firstly, if the bus company is to blame, you just have six months in which to file an injury claim and additional time to file an accident lawsuit. Besides, if you are hurt on a bus, the company is held to a higher standard of responsibility than in the case you were a traveler in your friend’s car.

As per California’s law, the duty of care expected from those who provide transportation service to the commoners is much higher. Under California’s law, common carriers must transport passengers safely. This is known as Common Carrier Rule.

In the event you are hurt on a non-public bus, they are held to the same level of standard under this rule, but you can file a lawsuit within two years.

Public Bus versus Private Bus Injury Claims

If you are hurt on a government bus, and if the fault is with the bus owner or driver, you will have to file an injury lawsuit against a public agency. A claim filed against that bus company is, effectively, one against the local government. The deadline to file a claim against the agency is just half a year, and it works slightly differently from other injury claims. You have to file the claim with the government agency to blame for your injuries. In the case your claim is denied, your bus accident attorney can talk to you regarding filing a lawsuit sooner rather than later.

If you are hurt on a private vehicle, you will need to file an injury claim against that private entity. In this case, your deadline to file the claim is 24 months from your injury date. This means you have to file a lawsuit inside 24 months from the day of the accident, which caused your injuries.

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