Statistics on California Bicycle Accidents

Injury Accident Law Firm

Almost every bicyclist knows the dangers that come with bicycling, so they take precautions in order to prevent accidents. No one would expect to be part of a severe bike accident, however, mishaps can happen and you might need help with the procedures after the accident. If you encountered a bicycle accident in California, you can seek help of a California accident attorney to proceed further.

One who works for a reputed injury accident law firm can assist you to navigate the path to recovery following your accident. That professional can also help you negotiate an injury claim with the at-fault motorist’s insurer in your interest. They can evaluate your accident case to find out whether litigation may be required.

Having an attorney deal with your accident case provides you with the best opportunity to get the compensation amount you deserve for your damages. Reputable injury lawyers or law firms will give you a consultation for free. Consult with such parties to discuss the matter and the many different legal options as well as the rights you have.

After a bike accident, you have to work with a lawyer having a proven history of getting successful case results for their clientele. You should feel free to ask an attorney for references from previous clients or recommendations.

Bicycle Mishaps Are Frequent In California

Bicycle riders face unique hazards on the state’s busy roads. Those who drive passenger cars, commercial buses and trucks tend to not see bicyclists as they are sharing a standard traffic lane or riding in the bicycle lane.

Alameda County saw more than 638 accidents involving bikes three years ago. Motor vehicle drivers or passengers are protected by airbags, seat belts and the auto exterior, but bicyclists usually count on not much more than their helmet to safeguard themselves against an accident.

Unsurprisingly, cycle-related injuries cause almost 500,000 emergency department visits a year, and numerous fatal accidents. Over 120 bicyclists passed in the state in 2014.

Who Is Responsible for A California Cycle Accident?

If a bike accident has left you seriously wounded, you may wish to know which party is to blame for those injuries. Occasionally, California motorists are charged with just a minor violation after such an accident. In a more serious accident, they could just be charged with either a felony offense or misdemeanor.

Criminal charges do not do much to help bicyclists who cannot work following an accident or are left with considerable medical expenses. This is just where civil law comes into play. In the case you were injured due to an automobile driver’s negligence, California’s law lets you sue that motorist to get monetary compensation for your damages.

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