Guide to Becoming a Certified School Bus Driver in California

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Bus Driver Regulations

If you are looking to become a school bus driver in California then, you need to understand some safety requirements and regulation policies.

The most important duty of the Transportation Department is to promote safety, making sure all students receive the safest transportation possible. Children could be undisciplined, crying or could be in any uneasy situations and the school bus driver must be able to handle them.

Driver Regulations

All school bus drivers should receive considerable training in contemporary laws, regulations and behind-the-wheel as mandated by Federal and State regulations. These regulated rules must be abided willfully by the employee. School bus drivers receive more training than any other driver in the state. This is instructed to ensure the safety of school children. Also a bus driver’s personal background is checked thoroughly by the Department of Justice and/or the FBI before providing a license to drive a school bus.

School bus drivers must have a current Department of Transportation Medical Certificate (DL-51) and they must pass the written CHP First Aid Test or have a current First Aid Card. In case of any accident, he is required to give first aid to the children in need. They also must take part in a pre-employment drug and alcohol test which would be tested contingent thereafter.

They are also required to attend scheduled safety meetings and attend additional training sessions to maintain the skills needed to safely transport students. They should maintain a faultless driving record even in their personal lives.

Course Taken

If you take this profession seriously then you must complete a least of 40 hours of course instructions. The course includes a least of 20 hours of classroom instruction units of the Instructor’s Manual for California’s School Bus Driver’s Training Course. This course also includes a least of 20 hours of behind-the-wheel training from the Guide for California’s Bus Driver’s Training Course.

License Renewal

If you already have the school bus driving license and needs a renewal, there are certain courses and classes you need to attend. In the 12 months of the special driver certificate course, 10 hours consist of classroom instructions explaining, current laws and regulations, defensive driving, accident prevention, emergency procedures, passenger loading and unloading etc. Failure to complete the required training would result the Department of Motor Vehicles to cancel the school bus driver license.

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