Things to Remember if you are in a California Bus Accident

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As you travel by the means of public bus, or if you have your loved ones travelling in the buses, an accident is the last thing you might expect to happen. Still, accidents happen and they are inevitable. A bus accident could have a deep financial and emotional toll on those who become a victim. This is why there is a strong legal mechanism to protect those affected and to bring the guilty to the law. Those who suffered losses would be able to claim the compensation they fully deserve. It is advisable that you consult a bus accident attorney in the event of an accident to you or any of your acquaintances. Below is a discussion of the things that you have to keep in mind in the event of a bus accident.

How to Act When an Accident Happens

Your initial concern right after the accident must be to ensure quick medical attention to those affected. In most cases, medical help will be summoned in the event of an accident. Make sure the injured receive comprehensive medical attention to ensure they have not suffered severe injuries.

Contact a reputed bus accident lawyer next. Common carriers come under regulations that are effective for common carriers.

There is a statute of limitations applicable to such accidents which limits the time within which you can approach the court regarding the case. If government entities are involved, the limit is even lower. Ensure that you select your attorney carefully to ensure a thorough examination and the required follow up on the case.

The Types of Compensations Recoverable

Claims can be made depending on the type of injuries suffered by the victim of a bus accident. There are possible claims for:•    Medical expenses incurred

  • Wages lost
  • Punitive Damages suffered
  • Life care expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Wrongful death
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Loss of consortium which includes the services of an injured spouse

What Qualifies as a Bus?

The Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards have a standard definition that any motorized vehicle that can carry more than 10 passengers is referred to a bus. If this is fulfilled by the vehicles involved, the above rules apply.

Make sure you approach the right attorney for any bus accident case to ensure you get the deserved compensation.

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