Rational Reasons behind Road Accidents under California Law

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Road Accident Reasons

The California accident law regards statewide integrated traffic records system. This system has cited over 162,000 vehicle accidents in the state that resulted in injuries. Comprehending the causes of these accidents is important to reducing the motor vehicle collisions in the city. Most of us are regular drivers who commute from work and social settings. These monotonous trips could make us lethargic or affect the sanity of our minds drastically. While you are out on a social gathering where you are insisted to have alcohol, make sure you take back home a cab or pool in with your friends.

Let us learn what some of the rational reasons behind road accidents in California are.

Over Speeding

Running late to work is the reason why we over speed. Understanding the fact that it could cause detrimental effects on our life should be a warning for us. Though cameras are mounted on the roads to catch these negligent drivers, it doesn’t stop them from doing so. According to Insurance institute of Highway safety, speeding is one of the leading causes of vehicle crashes in the state of California.

Alcohol and Drug Use

Drug and alcohol consumption while driving not just harms the driver but the pedestrians and other vehicles on the road. Jeopardizing the lives of other people under the state of law is a punishable offense. The state of California department of motor vehicles claims that more than 23,000 injuries and over 1,000 deaths happened due to alcohol consumption in 2012. Moreover, 39% of all motor vehicle related deaths in California were caused by drunk drivers. Especially if you are accompanying children and older people in the car, you must take extra precautions.

Mental Distractions

If your emotional health is under due to personal or professional stress, you must avoid driving. Stressful driving could result in rash driving or unfocused driving which is one of the reasons for road accidents. Using smart phones and high volume music could distract you and might lead to accidents. California office of Traffic safety says that at least 80% of car accidents in California are by distracted drivers.

Other Factors

One common cause of accidents is manufacturer defects. When a car is made with faults, it can have poor brakes, a damaged steering wheel etc. Another cause of accidents beyond the control of a driver is horrible road conditions. Bad road conditions increases the chances of accident.

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