Common Causes of Bus Accidents in California

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A bus carries more weight and is harder to maneuver while turning. If a driver is unqualified when it comes to handling a bus in harsh weather conditions, then this can lead to an accident. An important aspect of any legal claim process which a bus accident attorney makes, is determining its cause.

Driver Fatigue

A tired person can lose concentration or fall asleep when he or she is behind the wheel. Those who suffer from sleep apnea, insomnia or accumulated sleep deficit should not be driving. It is the responsibility of bus company to make sure their drivers are following federal regulations concerning the number of hours they are permitted to drive without any rest.

Aggressive Driving

Driving a bus can be very challenging and stressful. If a driver is stressed or overworked, then he or she might could act in a reckless or careless way. The “hours-of-service” rules are laid out for a reason, and that reason is plain as daylight. Bus companies should ensure that their drivers do not violate these federal regulations. Drivers have to maintain work logs and rest hours.

Driving Speed

Bus drivers have to drive at a speed which is relative to both the traffic and weather conditions. Too much speed or driving at an unsafe speed can lead to a devastating accident.

Poor State of Buses

Bus companies which cut corners by skipping essential repairs and safety inspections can be held responsible for what they have done, or failed to do. Under federal law, these companies are required to have bus maintenance logs. For example, when an accident happens as a result of tire or brake failure, which is due to poor bus maintenance, the company can be held legally responsible for the consequent damages and injuries.

Distracted Driving

Bus drivers should not use computers, cell phones or any other electronic devices while driving. Other kinds of distractions to the process comprises drinking, eating, talking to passengers, or looking at a screen. These activites can increase the possibility of an accident.

Driving Under the Influence

People are prohibited from operating the vehicle under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. For commercial drivers, California’s law states the maximum BAC (blood alcohol content) limit is 0.04%. For passenger vehicle drivers, it is set at 0.08%. When a drunk driver causes a bus accident, the person and the company employing him or her can be held liable. Bus companies have an obligation to verify their drivers’ driving and criminal history before hiring.

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