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On a tour bus, taking a big group of people from places to places is rather easy and efficient. However, bus accidents occur, sometimes causing insurance claims and lawsuits. Various people can be defendants in an accident lawsuit, depending on both contractual terms and relationships.

Who is Responsible for a Tour Bus Accident?

It may initially seem easy to find out who is to blame for an accident injury, but this might not be so clear at all times. Different entities could be found legally responsible for an accident of this sort, including the driver, the business that is contracted to offer the bus service to an educational institution, and even the local school district. Many parties could just be held responsible for contributory negligence in the event they are partly at fault for the injury-inducing mishap.

The determination of responsibility tends to get more complex for injuries suffered on a hired tour bus. Those usually involved in tour bus accident injury lawsuits include the following parties.

Tour Company

When entering an agreement with a bus service company, a tour company should hire one whose safety record is clean. When injuries happen on an automobile operated by one that is cited for many safety breaches, the tour business could share responsibility with the bus owner. Tour companies owning the vehicle have the same liability level as bus companies have.

Bus Company

The company, owning the auto, must do the following.

  • Have reasonably safe vehicles in their fleet
  • Only employ licensed drivers that meet basic requirements
  • Prove their suitability as one “common carrier” entity to other parties involved in the agreement.

Even when they meet these requirements, negligent drivers expose the company to liability.

Many Different Bus Destinations

Usually, tour buses stop in various areas through the journey, meaning everyone in the bus is exposed to the conditions that exist at each place. A tourist slipping on oil and breaking their hip after leaving the vehicle, may hold the venue owner liable for their injuries.

Are you Injured? Think about Working with a Lawyer

Bus accidents, when these happen on a yellow school bus or a chartered tour bus, can bring about severe injuries. It can be difficult to know where to start and find out which parties are liable for the accident and injuries. Get in touch with a bus accident or personal injury California attorney to discuss and find out the best way to go about pursuing compensation for your injuries.

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