What To Consider While Choosing A Geriatric Rehabilitation Center

When seeking a rehabilitation center for a senior citizen, you must remember that there are some different options, and that not every center is the same. Understanding what to ask and bear in mind, will aid you in choosing the best geriatric rehabilitation center in your area. Shared below is a list of considerations that you should make to choose the best possible choice from the available options.

Forms Of Therapy Provided

A few geriatric rehabilitation centers offer just a single form of treatment, like physical therapy. Anyhow, according to the condition your family member is suffering from, they may require other forms of care. For instance, occupational therapy will aid older adults having limited mobility in regaining their motor skills required for activities of daily living. Language therapy and speech therapy can aid in dealing with swallowing or communication issues following a stroke.

Your relative may require more services right through their recuperation process. Some of these services may be dietary and nutritional advice, help with transportation to physician appointments, assistance in personal hygiene, and medicine management. Therefore, consider choosing a rehab geriatric facility that provides a full range of services.


Rehab is an extremely personal matter. Several individuals prefer paying attention to their recuperation in a private environment, but not every senior rehabilitation center provides private rooms. Is privacy a matter of prime importance for your family member? If yes, make sure to find its room arrangements in advance before selecting a rehab facility for that senior family member.


A facility that is nearby your near and dear one’s hometown perhaps brings a feeling of familiarity and comfort in them. Having nearby friends and relatives to visit them can help to keep your family member in a good frame of mind throughout recuperation. So, consider its location when selecting a senior rehabilitation center, as well as who will visit that person most frequently.

Its Ratio Of Patients To Staff

A different consideration to make when choosing a rehab is how many patients interact with every single rehab center employee. If the above-mentioned ratio is low, it means that therapists and caregivers could pay more attention to every single patient there and could offer them quality and customized care. So, when you visit geriatric rehabilitation centers, inquire about the staffing ratio, as well as focus on the interactions that take place between therapists, caregivers and patients.

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