Types Of Video Conferencing System For Businesses

Globalization has changed the face of businesses leading to their expansion across national borders. Businesses that are global players have their offices spread across different continents and the employees will be based at different locations. Business meetings that require the attendance of all members of a business team is hardly possible without an efficient video conferencing system that facilitates the participation and collaboration of remote employees in the meetings.

In this session, we discuss the different types of video conferencing system for businesses.

Telepresence Video Conferencing System

One of the most popular video conferencing system is telepresence video conferencing that refers to a series of technologies that makes the participants in a meeting feel as if they were present at the meeting room although they are at a physically remote location. The technology makes use of telephone and network connections to simulate video conference among people who are at different locations of the world. Large display screens like monitors or television screens are mounted on the walls with the cameras positioned at eye level.

The video conference seems as if all participants are sitting in the same boardroom. You have the freedom to use 3D and holographic images to make the conference look more realistic.

Room-Based Video Conferencing System

Room-based video conferencing system is a kind of software-based conference room set up for video conferencing. The system has video conferencing endpoints, internet connection and multiple control unit (MCU). After deploying the video conferencing equipment in the conference room, you can begin the virtual video interaction with your colleagues and team mates.

Desktop Video Conferencing

The appreciable ease of use of desktop video conferencing system has made desktop video conferencing quite popular. All you have to do is download and install a suitable video conferencing software in your PC. The equipments required for hosting a video conference include webcam, loudspeaker and microphone. Before you start the video call, make sure you have a stable internet connection lest the quality of the video conference will be affected.

You may also use a laptop, smartphone or other mobile devices to start a video conference that simplifies things even more as these devices have inbuilt cameras, microphones and speakers. When compared to other video conferencing systems, desktop video conferencing is considered as the most convenient and affordable system.

Video conferencing system enhances the quality of communication within enterprises that will have a positive impact on its progress.

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