Do You Need To Worry About Shortage Of Masks During The COVID-19 Pandemic?

With the rise in the number of COVID-19 infected people, the demand for masks which is one of the most effective methods to prevent being infected has skyrocketed. Because of the sudden increase in demand, the mask making industries are finding it difficult to meet the deadlines and order capacity which has left the medical shops devoid of masks.

How Severe Is The Condition? 

Coronaviruses have affected the people of all countries. Shops have closed, IT companies are shut down, supermarkets are out of stock of daily necessities and medical masks are out of supply due to their rising demand. China, which was the largest producer of medical masks, with a reported daily production of twenty million pieces, was unable to meet the need of even common people. The total domestic demand alone was around fifty to sixty million.

The situation in other parts of the world are not different from this. Multiple retailers from around the continents are running out of masks to supply.

Meanwhile, medical stores in Germany, Canada, Italy and other countries around the world are facing the same issue. With the low supply of medical masks, those in medical fields are itself finding it difficult to get their hands on the product. It was reported that a store selling was masks in London for $3.25 per piece. People everywhere are in search of affordable face mask.

Dentists from the UK and Australia are bumped about the unavailability of masks. Sources say the demand rose by 100 times making the price rise by 20 times.

Why The Shortage?

The shortage of masks can be blamed on the panic created by the spreading COVID-19.  People are collecting masks without actually knowing how to properly use them. The truth is, not everyone needs to wear a mask.

When Should You Wear a Mask?

  • If you are healthy, you do not have to wear a mask. Anyone who is suffering from sneezes and coughs cannot be called healthy.
  • To meet the purpose of wearing a mask, you should wash your hands frequently with a hand rub or soap. Especially after touching the mask or coming in contact with people.
  • You must know how to use and dispose them.

You can buy face masks online too since they are hardly found in medical stores.

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