Why Not to Talk to the at-Fault Driver’s Insurer before Talking to a Lawyer?

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One has to do many things after an automobile accident. Some of these are contacting 911 to give an account of the collision, seeking immediate medical attention, plus reporting it to that other driver’s insurance carrier. However, what one has to do in the event that driver’s insurer gets in touch with them after the incident? Should they talk to that insurance company or an attorney initially? It is not like you are obliged to do the former, but it is optional. Here are some more reasons to reinforce as to why you should never talk to them before consulting with a lawyer.

If that insurer can get evidence contradicting your claims of fault, they may take less of a responsibility for it or they may not take it. This is to say, the insurer would be free from responsibility for your accident-related claim. They want to pay you as little an amount to settle it as possible, so the claims adjuster will look for evidence showing that you had a part to play in the crash or caused it. Recorded and written accounts of it are a good way for them to get details for the insurer to implement against you in the claim.

For example, they may communicate with you in writing regarding your day, family, occupation and other matters that seem irrelevant to the accident. However, in your recorded account, you innocently explain how hectic you were with your kids and at the office before the accident. You smile and tell that because of that, you were awake for some hours every single night before it. If that driver’s role in the accident is unclear, then the insurer may claim that your drowsiness or fatigue when driving contributed to that accident. They may argue that like the driver they represent, you also had some part to play in it. Now, what would you do about that?

The insurance carrier would attempt to use such comments from you to blame you instead of the insured/driver. Keep in mind that insurer is no nonprofit, and that they do not earn by paying big accident settlement claims.

Why Consult With A Lawyer First

Claims adjusters are very skilled and trained at what they do for a living, which certainly will not favor you. So before speaking to their insurer about your accident, approach an injury attorney to know more things about your rights and in which way you can protect your rights.

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