Whom To Sue In Case Of A School Bus Accident?

Bus Accident Attorney
Bus Accident Attorney

All parents send their children in a school bus with the expectation that they will reach their respective schools safely. Fortunately, the government mandates the school bus manufacturing companies to design school buses that have high safety standards. However, some statistics show that a significant number of children lose their lives due to a school bus accident.

Most people think that school bus drivers are the only people responsible for school bus accidents. However, there are several liable parties for school bus accidents. Let’s take a look at who is accountable in the case of school bus accidents.

Bus Maintenance Agency

Maintenance and repair of most of the school buses in California are done by an independent bus maintenance company. If these companies do not perform their duties correctly or haven’t repaired the bus properly, it may become the cause of the accident and they can be held liable for the school bus accident.

Bus Manufacturing Companies

Another party who can be held liable for a school bus accident is the company that manufactured the school bus. According to federal law, all school buses should be designed and manufactured by following proper safety guidelines. Even though some accidents cannot be foreseen, school bus manufacturers should reduce the chances of accidents and make the vehicle as safe as possible.

Various Governmental Agencies

Making roads safe and fit for travel is the sole responsibility of the governments. It is most unfortunate that bad road conditions are the culprits in the case of a majority of the school bus accident cases. Lack of road signs, sharp intersections, and absent crossroads, etc. can increase the chances of accidents. Since the governmental agencies are supposed to ensure the roads are safe to travel, you can sue them.

Other Drivers

Most often, school bus accidents occur due to the faults of other drivers on the road. The school bus drivers have the proper training to keep the children inside the bus safe. If the other driver causes the accident, the liability falls upon that driver.

What Has To Be Done On Encountering A School Bus Accident?

You might have to hire a bus accident attorney because filing a personal injury claim requires a good knowledge about the accident laws and the legal proceedings. Also, a bus accident lawyer will help in collecting the evidence that can help in filing the personal injury lawsuit. A bus accident attorney will negotiate with the insurance providers and make sure that you get the compensation you deserve for the injuries.

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