How To File A Bus Accident Injury Claim Against The Government?

Bus Accident Attorney
Bus Accident Attorney

Like all accidents, bus accidents too can result in mild to severe injuries. When it comes to bus accidents, there are a few added risks, considering the characteristics of buses and big vehicles and the other practical aspects of bus travel. If the bus hits a small vehicle, the passengers will mostly suffer serious injuries that could even lead to their death.

What Are The Unique Issues In Bus Accidents?

In the case of most of the  road traffic accidents, negotiating a personal injury settlement with an insurance carrier or filing a personal injury lawsuit in court is mostly a straightforward process.

However, some complications may arise in the case of bus accidents. In some circumstances, the driver of the other vehicle and not the bus driver may have caused the accident. If you are a passenger who was injured while in the bus, you can seek compensation for the damages by making a third-party claim with the insurer of the driver that is at fault for the accident.

If the bus driver is at fault for the accident, things may become complicated because buses are mostly owned and operated by government entities, which means the victim has to file a claim against a government body.

Filing A Notice Of Claim With The Government

The specific rules and procedures associated with filing a notice of claim with the government will vary depending on the state that you live.

A typical notice of claim has to include:

  • A statement of the victim’s intent to seek compensation for injuries and damages he/she had to suffer due to the negligent act of a government agency, an officer, agent or an employee of the government.
  • Details of the accident including place, time and circumstances that led to the accident.
  • Description of the injuries and property damages that the claimant had to suffer.
  • Name and address of the claimants

There are specific time limits for filing an injury claim. The time limit may vary depending on whether the claim is against private parties or the government.

In California, according to the California Tort Claims Act, the injured person is expected to give written notice of the claim to the agency that is allegedly responsible for the accident within 6 months of the accident before they can file an injury lawsuit in the court. The government may either accept or reject the claim. In case the claim is partially or fully rejected by the government, the injured person can head off to filing a lawsuit in the court.

If you ever get involved in a bus accident, seek the help of a reputed bus accident attorney who can help you get the compensation you deserve. Expert help is especially important if you are filing a lawsuit against the government, considering the limited time you have for filing the lawsuit.

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