How to Avoid School Bus Accidents in LA

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As per the latest statistics, school buses in America carry 25 million kids each day. Even though school buses are a safe option for transporting children, accidents can happen and children do get injured.

Almost all parents agree to the fact that transportation of children to and from school is 90% safer in the school bus when compared to other vehicles.

Here is some valuable advice that can help limit school bus accidents in LA.

  • Always keep a distance from the vehicle in front. This gives an opportunity for the drivers to slow down when the lights start to flash.
  • You should not overtake a bus from behind if the bus is stopped to load or unload children.
  • Drivers of all vehicles should be informed and aware of the speed limits.

Precautions towards keeping children safe:

  • Do not block the crosswalk when you stop for a red light.
  • Stop and allow pedestrians to cross the road in school zones.
  • Take extra care whenever your vehicle crosses playgrounds, parks and school areas.

Rules for School Bus Students

Above shared are some of the rules and precautions for vehicle drivers. There are some rules to be followed by the students to reduce school bus accidents. Read ahead to know them.

  • All the students should be seated properly when the bus is moving.
  • When the bus is moving, students should keep their head, arms, and legs inside the bus.
  • Make sure that the students are seated with their feet placed on the floor and facing forward.
  • Never confuse or disturb the bus driver at any cost.
  • Use handrail inside the bus.
  • Enter the bus only after it has stopped completely.

A bus accident lawyer in California can discuss all your legal options if your child was injured in a school bus accident. A careless bus driver, poor bus condition, unsafe driving, failure to use safety signals, as well as an overcrowded bus, can all lead to a school bus accident.

Contact an experienced bus accident lawyer in Los Angeles to start the process of claiming for your child’s injuries.

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