How to Avoid a Crash When Driving in Los Angeles

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Important Driving Tips

LA traffic has been termed the worst in the nation more than once. This means if you are driving a vehicle here, you have to know where the most traffic-heavy places are and when the traffic is at its heaviest, and how to navigate it to avoid a collision.

What to Expect from LA traffic

The traffic in LA is so bad that many news organizations have reported on this matter, and even made infographics providing information like the following.

  • Each day, drivers spend 44 minutes on average in LA traffic;
  • There is a 67% increase in LA traffic congestion in the morning hour where it is at its heaviest; and,
  • There is an 84% increase in the congestion in the evening rush hour.

It is not just about these numbers; LA traffic and rush hour can be extremely dangerous, as well. In one year (2016), Los Angeles saw around 55,350 traffic accidents, a number which includes collisions between drivers, and those involving bicyclists and pedestrians. Many of these collisions were fatal.

What you Should Do for Avoiding an Accident

Some things you should consider to avoid accidents include the following.

  • Using public transportation or walking instead of driving a vehicle;
  • Slowing your speed;
  • Giving more space between your automobile and other vehicles on the road;
  • Putting distractions away at all times, even when you have come to a standstill in LA traffic;
  • Think about taking another route or leaving your residence when traffic will not be as bad;
  • Using the carpool lane when traveling with a traffic buddy;
  • Driving defensively and giving aggressive drivers ample space; and,
  • Keeping your road rage under control – this anger can lead to aggressive driving.

How Attorneys Can Help If You Are In an Accident

If you have been involved in one, letting your automobile insurance adjuster know what happened and reporting any damages are the first things to do. Then, you have to get in touch with a California accident attorney for further legal counsel and guidance.

The professional will look into your accident, find out fault and legal responsibility, and they will represent you in conversations with an auto insurance adjuster. They will also deal with negotiations, and will speak in favor of your right to full settlement. Experienced attorneys know what insurance adjusters try to do, and how to combat the sneaky tactics they use to reduce the claimants’ settlements.

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