Commonly Asked Questions About Bus Accident Claim

Bus Accident Lawyer
Bus Accident Lawyer

Thousands of people in California depends on public and private buses for transportation daily. Even though they are a safe mode of transportation, they are not immune to accidents. Each year, there are many bus accidents in California and hundreds of people are injured and a significant number of people are getting killed in these accidents.

If you lost a family member or are injured in a California bus accident, you are eligible for wrongful death or personal injury claim. Most people have a lot of doubts regarding the filing of a personal injury claim or the wrongful death claim.

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about the bus accident claims in California.

Who Is Liable For A Bus Accident In California?

Several parties can be held accountable for a bus accident in California. It is very important to identify all these parties before filing a bus accident claim. These parties include the bus driver, the bus company, the driver of another vehicle involved in the accident, a government entity, the bus manufacturer, and the bus owner.

The bus companies have the responsibility to hire drivers that are qualified and should take the bus from the road if they find any faults. The bus company can be held responsible for the failure to enforce safety measures. Since most of the accidents occur due to human errors, you can also hold the bus driver responsible for the accident.

What Damages Are Recoverable?

There are several factors that determine the types of damages that can be recovered in a bus accident claim. According to California law, victims of bus accidents can pursue compensation for a number of damages, including medical costs, lost wages, property damages, pain and suffering, emotional distress, loss of consortium, etc.

You may be able to pursue punitive damages depending on the conduct of the defendant. With the help of an experienced bus accident attorney, you can review all the medical records, financial documents, and other evidence to determine the types of damages that you can pursue.

How To Hire The Best Bus Accident Lawyer?

It is very important to hire a lawyer who has a lot of experience dealing with bus accident cases. A lawyer can collect all the necessary evidence required to file the personal injury claim and can find all the parties who might be liable for the accident. The lawyer you hire should have excellent negotiation skills because it is essential for claiming the compensation you deserve.

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