Catastrophic Injuries from Bus Accidents

Bus Accident Attorney
Bus Accidents Injuries

Accident lawyers in Los Angeles are always dedicated to protecting the rights of people who suffer from injuries or the loss of someone in bus accidents. Many a time, accidents can result in catastrophic injuries like spinal cord injuries leading to permanent paralysis, brain injuries and so on. This can result in permanent disabilities, loss of extremities, or even death.

Such injuries often need emergency medical care; sometimes it can also make someone stay in the hospital for months or years. The victims who survive such accidents often have to face permanent impairments, disfigurements, and disabilities. The kinds of losses that are associated with such injuries often include the expenses for rehabilitation, living assistance, medical treatments, etc. These losses place big financial burdens on the family of the victims.

Injuries to Passengers in the Bus

Passengers who are traveling in a bus often have a trust that the bus driver will be taking them to the destination safely. It is seen that not all buses are completely equipped with airbags, seatbelts and other safety features. A bus accident can easily throw the passengers sitting inside; they can even slam them to the floors or walls of the bus without any protection. This can lead to causing traumatic injuries to many parts of the body like the brain, spinal cord, etc.

In addition to this, the passengers in a bus can sustain some kind of injuries when a bus rollover during the time of a crash, as rollover accidents would most likely throw the passengers sitting inside the bus against the sides of the bus. This can often lead the people to land on the windows of the bus or it can make them pile on top of one another. Rollovers occur very commonly because of the high centers of gravity of the buses.

Injuries to School Kids

More than seven hundred thousand students go to school by school buses daily in California. Like any other bus, school buses too can crash that can result in putting the lives of the children in danger. An injury during a bus accident can derail the life of a child if it results in causing permanent impairments. Extensive medical care with assistance also would be needed for too long. Such accidents can be particularly traumatic for children. A child being catastrophically injured or killed in an accident is the greatest tragedy in an accident, which is the situation where a bus accident attorney can help his/her family recover the loss.

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