Guide To Filing A Bus Accident Claim

Filing A Bus Accident Claim
Filing A Bus Accident Claim

Bus accidents can be caused by multiple factors that include the negligence from the part of the bus driver or other driver. In some cases, poorly maintained roads and even passenger negligence can be the cause of bus accidents. If you have suffered injury due to a bus accident and have decided to make an accident claim, be informed about the specific rules and regulations regarding bus accidents, which are often different from that of accidents involving other motor vehicles.

Here is a guide to filing a bus accident claim.

  1. Get Proper Medical Care And Collect All Your Bills

As your health and safety has supreme importance, make sure you get proper medical attention if you have suffered injury in a bus accident. In a large number of cases, the injured do not have the medical insurance making it difficult for them to get adequate medical care. In circumstances like that the victim can consult an accident lawyer who can connect you with medical professionals specialized in trauma care. The specialists offer you medical assistance on a lien basis, saving you from the burden of paying upfront medical costs, as the medical expenses have to be paid only after case settlement.

  1. Gather Evidence About The Accident

Unless you can provide evidence proving that the bus driver or any other party was at fault, the chances of winning the case are low. Gather evidence like pictures of the damage, video footages of the accident, police reports etc to build a solid case that has higher chance of winning.

  1. Pay Attention To Deadlines To File Your Claim

There is a specific time period allotted for people who suffered an injury to file a lawsuit. Make sure you pay close attention to the deadline lest you will not be eligible to recovery. Is you are filing the lawsuit against a government agency, you should file the claim within 6 months from the date of the accident, whereas a claim made against non-governmental bus companies has to be filed within two years from the date of the accident.

  1. Consult With An Injury Lawyer Before You Accept The Claim

If a victim who is not represented by an accident attorney files an accident claim, there is a higher chance that it is rejected. Unless you are backed by an attorney, bus operators will refuse to make a fair settlement.

Before you file an accident claim, make sure the claim is failsafe by adding crucial evidence and do not ignore the importance of an experienced injury attorney.

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